Detroit is the first school district in the county to plant a little library at every school. Huge thanks to all of you!

To be honest, we are amazed not just that so many dedicated people pulled together and made this happen, but that we didn't even get close to the 97-day deadline.

Here are just  few of the awesome people, groups, and companies who made it happen.


National Life Group and GLP & Associates
In one fell swoop, National Life came in and sponsored ALL remaining libraries. The news made us tear up! Thank you National Life. Jimmy Pollack, managing partner, for the company will be offering some comments on why his company made this amazing donation to support literacy among Detroit's students.

DPSCD Superintendent Alycia Meriweather

The entire project was her brainchild and she ushered it through the tight spots.

Founder of Little Free Libraries Todd Bol

LFL not only is overseeing building most of the libraries, but gave Detroit free shipping to make the project economical. Plus, he pretty much came up with the little library movement that  is now a global phenomena.

Detroit Public Schools Foundations -- Pamela Moore and her entire crew

DPSF not only provided the project's financial backbone and sponsored several schools, but staff personally sponsored several libraries on their own dime.

Detroit Little Libraries -- with Kim Kozlowski

Kim was the mover and shaker on the project, organizing from start to finish. DLL also sponsored a number of school.


From Alaska to Montana several book clubs and book club websites, pitched in to spread the word and donate libraries.

The people of Detroit & the people who care about Detroit's children

Dozens of individuals sponsored school libraries, some as a tribute to a love one who had passed, some to thank their communities and schools.


*Your generosity means that you'll be seeing little libraries going up at Detroit schools through the year. Many thanks to all of you who made this happen.

Take a look at the schools. Some of them have been sponsored as a tribute or memorial to a loved one. Some sponsored by Detroit artists. Some by Detroit police. They tell a story about this campaign and the wonderful people who made it a success.


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