About the Little Free Library Movement

Little Free Library logoThe Little Free Library movement began in 2009 when Todd Bol of Hudson, Wisconsin, built a model of a one room schoolhouse as a tribute to his mother, a former school teacher who loved reading. He filled it with books and…. READ MORE

Our Partners & Team Members

Find media kit resources, including press releases, images as well as studies on literacy and shareable resources.

The Purpose & The Plan

The Goal

Plant 313 new little libraries in and around Detroit.

The Why

Books Matter They are the single best indicator of how well a child will do in school. They foster neighborhood cohesion and a more empathetic, volunteer oriented people.

The How

1. Identify locations. 2. Raise money. 3. Build/buy libraries at reduced rates 4. Plant 5. Report 6. Maintain

Identify Locations

Our first priority is planting libraries in areas with low access to books. We target parks, transit stops, and community centers to bring books into the street so to speak, with a special focus on areas where children congregate. Second, we look for locations to build neighborhood and community cohesion as well as businesses that serve the public.

Raise Money

We raise money through donations & fundraisers following the 100% model. We are an all volunteer organization so all of the money raised goes directly to building, planting, and maintaining libraries in Detroit.

Build & Buy Libraries

By pooling donations, we are able to buy libraries at wholesale prices. We also partner with organizations like the Boy Scouts, builder groups, and companies like the Detroit News, which donated 10 newspaper racks we are refurbishing as libraries, to create zero cost libraries.

Plant Libraries

We get the post  hole diggers, the cement, the fasteners, and everything else required to get each library open for business.


We take pictures of each library, add it to our growing database, and to our Library Street Map available on our website. Oh, the part we will have when we reach 313!


We seek out stewards who caretake many of the libraries. We offer an ongoing supply of books and help with any repairs.