Little Library Prize Winners

Once upon a time, there were 25 Detroit artists who used their canvas to explore social, political and cultural issues, showing people what they may not see in Detroit.

These artists helped us promote reading and community by putting their work on 25 Little Free Libraries destined for Detroit community gardens and urban farms. The unique exhibition was also known as the inaugural Little Library Prize – an art show based on the model of ArtPrize, but with a social mission.

Congratulations to all 25 Detroit artists who participated in the show, displayed at the Fifth Third Bank Michigan State Fair over Labor Day weekend 2016.

In our minds, all are winners for using their talents to help promote a mission of reading in Detroit through the Little Free Library. We are grateful for their time but the true winners will soon be the children of Detroit.

But there were some cash prizes at stake. And the winners are…

1- Jelly Estrada, with 767 votes, “Once Upon A Time”

Tie 2 & 3- Pete Coe, with 296 likes, “Monster Farm”
Gabrielle Gorges, with 296 likes, “Vibrant Life”

4- Niagara Detroit- 248 likes, for “Can I Help it if I Love to Read?”

5- Eric Millikin -216 likes for “The Butterfly Effect: Endangered Reading.”


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